View Full Version : Suggestion for changing when it counts you as "in battle"

06 Mar 2005, 00:29
Here is a suggestion a few members have mentioned.

Changing the code for when it counts you in a battle to the time you accept a challenge.

Sometimes they will finish a battle, have to logoff, didn't have time to heal or buy a new potion, and they come back to the site the next day with a challenge and they are not able to heal or restock.

I'm sure it's just moving the query, I haven't looked into the files at all yet :), but I think it would be a great modification :)

Bugger, another idea is to make the item shop default open up to the page for your class, so you don't have to keep clicking the page for that class to buy different items :)

06 Mar 2005, 02:54
Yes, I will definetely look into both those suggestions tomorrow :)