View Full Version : 1 member problem

07 Mar 2005, 02:18
ok did some reading tried all the fixes and the problem comes back
heres the problem one of my supermods everytime he gose to the bank page he gets white screen says a sqlerror has happened contact bla bla dose not show any error when he gose to steal money from a person on the final confermation page same error i dropped his bank data and bank que tables and the bank comes back until after the first deposit and boom error is back any help on this??
using latest uc95 just upgraded to 3.07 from 3.03 everyone else works fine i checked all edits reverted templets i do not use dreamweaver he he trying to give all variables here thanks for the help

09 Mar 2005, 22:30
If you are using 0.95b this error probably shouldn't happen. I need the full MySQL error to give support for this issue, otherwise I don't know what is causing the problem.