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hXc Radio
07 Mar 2005, 22:59
I can't seem to buy any items. They all say level to low or not enough money. I set one item to less money that I have and require level 1 but it still won't let me buy.

Screen attached

08 Mar 2005, 05:57
Possible answer: Your EXP is 0.
You will be unable to buy anything until you've gained at least 1 point of EXP.
This is neccesary to fix an otherwise unsolveable bug where users at 0 EXP could purchase anything they could afford, regardless of Level Req.

hXc Radio
08 Mar 2005, 06:11
Where in the database can I give myself one level of exper as we have not launched our site yet. I don't use legacy so trying to work out a layout with the items bought in a "backpack"

08 Mar 2005, 06:16
You can just enable EXP Per Post, then go make one post in a test forum.
You can then remove the post later.
Alternatively, you can go to Edit Users in the ACP under RPG, then edit yourself, giving yourself more EXP.

hXc Radio
08 Mar 2005, 06:19
Awesome! One last thing.. can I add more races? I am building a WOW site and I was surprised to find it's human and orc. Can I add the other races as well?

08 Mar 2005, 06:31
Add Races in the same ACP ;)

I know the RPG Admin Manual is sorta off, but it still provides some good info on how the stuff works, try giving it a read :)
Note that it is not written by me, by Bitsys.