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10 Mar 2005, 12:57
hey guys! first of all, if I read what is possible with this hack than it sure can come in handy with my page nice work!... :)

I had some problems installing it but I finally was able to fix the errors I had, but now I installed everything correcly and made a default page ($home), the cmps_index.php doesn't seem to work with me...

If I browse it I get this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: print_portal_output() in /var/www/html/cmps_index.php on line 27

(I left the print_portal_output on default ($home) )

What did I miss ?? :surprised:

Thanks in advanced!

10 Mar 2005, 15:14
You missed the edits to global.php

11 Mar 2005, 16:23
You missed the edits to global.php

You are right! Thanks Zachery! You're allways a good help to me, thanks!

17 Mar 2005, 04:59
Yes, i forgot to upload that. Had the Same problem. Thank you