View Full Version : possible bug - lottery

11 Mar 2005, 11:59
Is lottery suppossed to work? in the admincp portion of it, I'm not able to select an ending date for it, because no option is present and tried this in firefox 1.0.1 and ie 6.0

11 Mar 2005, 16:48
Just got a report last night from my rpg moderator about the same thing happening on our site.

11 Mar 2005, 16:50
I know what the problem is.
The phrase "rpg_x_y_z" needs to be moved to the GLOBAL group.
Fixed file will be uploaded later, as for now you have to move/recreate the phrase yourself

11 Mar 2005, 17:17

Hmmm.... I created it in Global, and it now lets me pick a closing date. But whenever I save the lottery details, it saves as being turned Off.

PS I just installed this hack for the first time half an hour ago. Still finding my feet!)

11 Mar 2005, 17:26
Your right, it does.
Fixed. Going to upload fixed right now :)