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17 Mar 2005, 16:36
I have vbulletin 3.0.7 and I just attempted to install the rpg intergration hack. The problem I am having is that all the pages in my forums are now loading blank. What would be causing this?

17 Mar 2005, 17:39
Are you sure you modifyed the files correctly? Did the installer echo any errors?
Try uploading your backup of the files, and see if this restores your pages.

17 Mar 2005, 18:07
I am pretty sure I modified them correctly.
I am guessing the problem is I haven't run the installer yet because when I did it said some verify_check wasn't found and that I should add/modify files.

Whenever I try to run the installer it's a blank page.
*edit* undid modifications so I could re run installer to show error message.

Ok here's the error message the install script is saying
You need to modify and upload all vB and RPG files before proceeding with the hack installation/upgrade!
Returned error(s):

Function 'verify_field_exists' does not exist.

Chief Corn
17 Mar 2005, 18:25
here ya go...


revan, maybe in the instructions move the global edits up before the rpg_install.php step.

17 Mar 2005, 18:31
Thanks for the help I have it installed now. I guess I got confused when it said modify files took that to mean to go modify them all.

Ok the rpg hack is working somewhat but I am having some problems with my admincp.

I have checked over all the modifications I have done for in these files
adminfunctions_templates.php, adminpermissions.php, global.php (admincp one) and index.php and I am positive I did the modifications right. However whenever I try to load something up in my admincp it comes up blank. I think this has something to do with checking if administrator has permission to edit rpg.

Also if I leave the line checking adminpermission in init.php on it makes my forums come up blank so I took that line out and everything loads fine for the forums no errors or anything even the rpg files load it's just my admincp that gets screwed up. Any ideas why this is happening?

Other hacks I have installed are.
v3arcade, vbadvanced cmps, ushop/ucash and thats it.

17 Mar 2005, 19:50
I think I know what the error is.
In the bitfield array in init.php, you need to take the value of the LAST entry, DOUBLE the numeric value after the =>, then add the rpg line with the doubled value instead of whatever the instructions say.
Tell me if this solves your problems :)

For instance, even though my instructions say it should look like this:
'canadminupgrade' => 32768,
'canadminrpg' => 65536,, on my live forum it looks like this:
'canadminupgrade' => 32768,
'canadminshouts' => 65536,
'canadminrpg' => 131072

here ya go...


revan, maybe in the instructions move the global edits up before the rpg_install.php step.I could, but since they should be ran in quick succession, I figured I added that error check to the installer to tell the user exactly what to do first.

17 Mar 2005, 20:06
I already have it like that.

'canadminupgrade' => 32768,
'canadminrpg' => 65536,

17 Mar 2005, 20:11
Do you have any other bitfield values after this, then?
If so then they cannot have the same value as the canadminrpg.
Also, possibly removing the comma. No idea why this should make a difference, but meh...

17 Mar 2005, 20:28
Those are the last two. I have tried it with and without the comma doesn't make a difference. I doubt this is causing it but in the adminfunctions_template.php looks like this.

'subscription' => $vbphrase['group_paid_subscriptions'],
'rpg_' => $vbphrase['rpg_integration_hack'],
'aaa' => 'AAA Old Backup'

I got init.php working instead of copying and pasting I typed it up don't know why that would make a difference but oh well it worked.

Still having trouble with admincp though. I have checked over all the edits to the admincp and I am pretty sure they were done correctly.

What's odd though is that even if I directly type in a filename in the admincp it loads up blank. This makes me suspect adminfunctions_template.php or a global.php

17 Mar 2005, 21:15
If you remove the edit to admincp/global.php, does it work?

17 Mar 2005, 21:21
Actually I should of tried loading more files in the admincp instead of just the rpg ones.

I can load individual files just not index.php or any of the rpg files.

Even when I un do the modifications on index.php and global.php (admincp one) the admincp index.php's comes up blank.

17 Mar 2005, 21:26
um try rebuilding settings from options.php, templates from template.php and language from phrase.php
If neither of these work, then I am clean out of suggestions.

17 Mar 2005, 21:40
It doesn't look like the can_administer_rpg phrase was added. I didn't find it in rpg_intergration_hack section or permissions section.

Nevermind it's there.

*edit* Ok got it working something got fouled up with the admincp files. Thanks for your help though.

18 Mar 2005, 09:55
Well it's good that it's solved :)