View Full Version : Suggestion: Midi Frame/Window? Also spell question..?

18 Mar 2005, 15:16
The midi changes every time you take a turn or refresh, naturally.. would it be possible to create some sort of frame for the midi to play in, or perhaps pop up a window so the midi doesn't change? Also, I had to put $backmidi in the template (battle_arena is what I chose).. maybe that was the problem?

Also.. how exactly do you make spells work? As far as I can tell, all classes are "Generic." Do you have to create "spells" in the item shop for people to buy over and over? Not sure how that works.. Maybe I should read the guide.. but.. question's here, anyway.. :P

18 Mar 2005, 17:14
Yes you do have to create spells for it to work in battle. Creating a new battle category and setting it to "Spells" is how to do this.
Also, I have no idea why I didn't place the $backmidi in that template myself...

Having Midi controls will just add clutter to the template, imo

18 Mar 2005, 18:17
Great! All works! You could technically have your users make summons as well, selling "summon stones" or something, having them cost lots of MP and do lots of damage, using the spell section. ^_^

Edit, as for midi controls.. I think the randomness of it is fine, it's just annoying when a good song starts up and then it's gone.. lol. I was thinking it could be done with frames or a pop up.. anyway, I can probably hardcode that for myself.

Edit2, also.. Buffs. How powerful do they go? Should I make my items give say, 5 points of buff? Or 50? Or 500?

18 Mar 2005, 19:02
Summons are coming in a future version, I just gotta get the final done first ;)

As for the buff question, Buff is the amount of damage a weapon/spell does, the amount an Item/Healing Spell heals, etc. If it is damage then it will be matched against the buff of the armor.
There really isn't a set standard for buffs, it's just a matter of how powerful you want to make your items.