View Full Version : Got an error during installation

18 Mar 2005, 23:25
I got this database error while installing CMPS:

Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL:
SELECT * FROM forum_template
WHERE template.title IN('imgdir_attach', 'imgdir_button', 'imgdir_editor', 'imgdir_misc', 'imgdir_poll', 'imgdir_rating', 'imgdir_reputation', 'imgdir_statusicon', 'titleimage')

mysql error: Unknown table 'template' in where clause

mysql error number: 1109

I checked and forum_template is there, so i am kind of confused as to what I did wrong? This is an unmodded vBulletin =\

20 Mar 2005, 16:20
The installer was just modified so that it will updated your style image paths for you and apparently there was a small problem that will cause that error when you use table prefixes. I've just updated the files here, so if you'll download them again, upload the install file, and click the 'Update Image Paths' link when you go to it in your browser then that should allow you to finish up the installation.