View Full Version : All sorts of problems with upgrade to 5

23 Mar 2005, 17:16
All sorts of problems with upgrading to 5, here.. First, it had an error during upgrade saying it couldn't DROP "editing" from rpg_lottery (not an exact error) because "editing" didn't exist..

So I opened upgrade4.php and removed that line, and now I can't get as far as I did because it won't skip tables it has already installed..

Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO vb3_phrase (phraseid, languageid, varname, text, phrasetypeid) VALUES (NULL, '0', 'setting_rpg_monster_ison_title', 'Monster Arena is on?', '5000')
mysql error: Duplicate entry 'setting_rpg_monster_ison_title-0-5000' for key 2

mysql error number: 1062

Well I tricked into working by removing the "drop" command about "editing" from lottery, and I also tricked it into skipping the setting information by changing the settings in the CP first.. seems the installer worked, that way.. but it would be hard for someone with a lack of skill in guessing.. :P

23 Mar 2005, 18:25
Added a conditional around the editing field in lottery, apparently that field only existed for users upgrading from v2. I forgot to think of this.
And that setting error of yours is a flaw with the process of rebuilding datastore at the end of the script, but meh.
This probs wont happen again :)

24 Mar 2005, 15:22
Hey do you have to upgrade to vb 3.0.7 in order to use the latest version of this hack? And do you have to upgrade from the other betas in order to use this 1?

24 Mar 2005, 16:20
No, I don't think you have to upgrade to 3.0.7, but I do not know what other versions this hack has been tested with.
In order to upgrade to latest, you have to upload all files, then run admincp/rpg_install.php as many times as it tells you there are upgrades available :)

24 Mar 2005, 16:39
it works fine on .6