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27 Mar 2005, 00:51
I cannot upgrade to beta 5... I get to a screen that says the following:

RPG Integration Hack Upgrade Results
Running queries......
Updating tables.....
Skipped Table: rpg_ibot_templates
Skipped Table: rpg_ibots
Populated Table: rpg_ibots
Skipped Table: rpg_monster_battle_posts
Skipped Table: rpg_monster_battles

Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE `rpg_lottery` DROP `editing`
mysql error: Can't DROP 'editing'. Check that column/key exists

mysql error number: 1091

Date: Saturday 26th of March 2005 08:43:01 PM
Script: <exact link removed>/rpg_install.php?step=upgrade&part=queries&all=yes

27 Mar 2005, 01:13
shoulda dloaded the newest files then, because I added a conditional around that line just about the time the last person reported this.
So basically the file now checks whether or not the editing field exists.

Theres the thread, knock yerself out

27 Mar 2005, 01:17
Thing is I literally downloaded the upgrade minutes before attempting to run the upgrade... I'll try again, but I'm pretty sure that unless you uploaded it in the last 15 minutes its not gonna be working.

EDIT: Just tried downloading through mozilla(used IE on last download) and reuploaded all of the files, to no effect.

27 Mar 2005, 01:38
This is the weirdest thing...
Taken straight from the source of the file: if (verify_field_exists('editing', 'rpg_lottery'))
$DB_site->query("ALTER TABLE `" . TABLE_PREFIX . "rpg_lottery` DROP `editing` ");

Which reads that if the field "editing" exists, drop it.
Tell you what: Remove the entire section I just posted from the file /install/upgrade4.php, then run /admincp/rpg_install.php?step=upgrade&part=queries&all=yes to skip right past any other errors and resume the upgrade. I believe running it from there should work fine :)

27 Mar 2005, 01:43
Well that worked partially....

Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE `user` ADD `inmonsterbattle` INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL
mysql error: Duplicate column name 'inmonsterbattle'

mysql error number: 1060

guess I need to go through a few times commenting out any issues I encounter until it works.

27 Mar 2005, 01:45
Yes, that would be the preferred way of doing it.
I dont think there's any more removing or adding than those two though, so hopefully we have seen the end of this now :p

27 Mar 2005, 01:48
Well it appears to be working now. It is strange that it did this I'm not certain why it even happened.

14 Apr 2005, 03:28
I had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I did the EXACT same thing according to your instructions, and it worked =D !! CHEERS!

v3.07 vbulletin.
i got a problem where it says in the instructions
edit template 'postbit_legacy'

it than says:

<div class="info">$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon]</div>

however I cannot find that in the postbit_legacy

another question is how can i add it to all the styles? We plan on having several styles and adding more in the future is there a way to have them all together added at the same time?



14 Apr 2005, 08:45
The postbit_legacy template instructions may be outdated, but since it hasn't changed much since the vB version this hack originally was written for, I didn't think it was important.
As for your question, the RPG templates are automatically added to all styles, as they are inserted in the Master Style :)

14 Apr 2005, 18:33
does this mean that its already installed and configured properly? :)
I don't need to do any more backend stuff?

about the master style.. how do I edit that ? :)

14 Apr 2005, 20:32
You dont edit the Master Style. Editing rpg templates in the MS would cause the Revert system (that you can use to undo all edits to a template) to malfunction, plus it will disrupt vB upgrades.
You have to customise all templates on a per-style basis, unless you got Parent styles setup.
And yes, the backend should be working, however if something goes wrong on forumhome, please try searching around in this forum for similar occurrences, and if they are not covered, ask :)

14 Apr 2005, 22:35
can you take a look at my forum and recommend anything I need to do to more integrate the RPG and make sure that it works?

15 Apr 2005, 06:26
I don't make house calls :P
What do you mean, "more integrate the RPG"?
By default, only members with 30 posts can access the RPG
If it doesn't have any errors, then it works

15 Apr 2005, 16:40
ok but I was hoping anyone would take a look and let me know thanks anyways :)

BTW, how do I initiate a fight with another player? :) I got the drop down menu it looks great!

15 Apr 2005, 18:34
You enter Battle Arena -> New Battle -> [from here its obvious]