View Full Version : any chance of a quick hack ?

03 Apr 2005, 21:31
Hey I;m using version 3.2 and i don't really want to upgrade as this does nearly everything i need it to
However if there was one request i'd like is whenever anyone gives out a warning if it would be possible to send a copy of it to a designated forum along with the usual pm

04 Apr 2005, 06:14
Nice idea, I may add it in the next version. However, I would sincerely suggest that you update your version. Between 3.2 and 3.3.x the code has been radically changed, and the new beta version which is currently out (3.4.0) is also a major re-release, supporting user-defineable admins, supermods and mods user groups.

All new features will only be added in the latest version, so if you do not update your version now, you will not be able to use the above feature when it is added.

Update: Your wishes are my commands. The change you suggested is added in 3.4.0. When a warning is issued, a copy of the Warning message (either a PM or an e-mail) is stored in a predefined forum. However, when a warning is removed (artificially matured earlier than expected) or totally removed (as if it never happened), the corresponding messages are not stored. Is that OK with you?