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12 Apr 2005, 23:14
Had a few questions regarding this.. I would like to use this script, but not all of it.

Could I disable shops, item trading, and battles? I do however like the character stats (could I edit or add some of those btw?), the picture for the character, and the items list (once again could I edit this list?)

I'd also not like the battle chart shown, or battle stats.. if this is possible I'd be highly interested in this script :D

13 Apr 2005, 08:13
To disable shops: Delete itemshop.php and any trace of it from templates
To disable battles: Delete *battle* files and any trace of them from templates
To disable battle chart/stats: Solved during the above

18 Apr 2005, 12:34
woo, ty, will be installing this in the next few days :)