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22 Apr 2005, 08:22
A user of AWS has requested the following new feature:

IP Banning

When a member reaches the limit of Warning Points and he gets banned, not only the user gets banned, but his IP address is also added in the banned IP list. When the banning period ends, his IP address is removed from the banned IP list. If he is permanently banned, his IP address stays there for ever.

Would you be interested in such a feature?


22 Apr 2005, 10:24
OOOOO, yeas sir, im very interessted in this hack, pls make it :)

22 Apr 2005, 12:37
What makes IP banning nice, is that Mod's could IP ban if you elect them to.

It would make the process easier, however, this may be a hard task, as someone with say DSL, it might have to ban a range vice his IP for that post..

The other thing, if you ban a person with like AOL, you're going to lose a LOT of people, as they share the same IP's.. So I like this idea, however, I'm wondering if this could be done safely?? Would take someone with some knowledge in IP's, otherwise it could reak havoc on youe site..

22 Apr 2005, 15:26
This is why I posted this poll. Users with dynamic IPs will have a problem, but the user who asked for this, is willing to take that responsibility. Of course, there will be an option, if you want to have that or not, but still, I do not want to go into the trouble of doing it, and then find out that nobody uses it.

Also, there is another question. If we are to do that, which IPs do we ban? The one in the user table, which I assume is the latest IP the user logged from, or all the IPs a user has ever posted from? This last case is VERY dangerous, for people who are on a dynamic IP address.


22 Apr 2005, 20:59
I think it has more effect when we ban all the IPs of a user.

Alex Norton
22 Apr 2005, 22:01
Hey John,

I have dealt with certain users in the past that would continue making up names from the same IP address and this member was always a trouble maker, so we had to ban his IP address. I think in extreme cases this would be needed and if it's implemented into your hack that would be great! I agree that if you ban a member's IP who has a dynamic address then you are also banning other people who may eventually get that IP.

23 Apr 2005, 07:49
Voters, please clarify how do you want this implemented. Ban only the last IP the user has logged in from, or all IPs he has used in his life in your board? Remember that a user can log in a forums site from say an Internet shop, not from his own computer. If this jokker is using a different computer every time, and you ban all the IPs you are banning a lot of IPs for no reason. Also, if you do not ban all the IPs, then your banning of one, has no effect.

In other words, this is a very tricky situation you are facing, one way or another. So please tell me what you like, not just vote.


23 Apr 2005, 17:42
It's really not necessary for Mods to ban IPs. ESPECIALLY if they can ban the ADMINISTRATOR'S IP. If this was released, I would just leave it off. And I don't want them to ban proxy IPs, as many people signs on with them banning one IP would mean banning a whole hundred people.