View Full Version : No Mac OSX (Safari?) Support?

26 Apr 2005, 02:10
I tried the chat on Mac OSX with Safari earlier and couldn't get it to work. A member also said today he is using OSX and can't use the chatroom. Do you know of this issue and can it be fixed?

26 Apr 2005, 17:27
VBChat doesnt' work with Safari. Try a different vb integrated chat script. As far as I've found out vbChat is the ONLY one that doesn't work with Macs.

26 Apr 2005, 19:53
:( Are there even comparable solutions for vB? I like it and it's already set up! :-P

Why doesn't it work with Safari? I'd guess most chat scripts use iFrames. What's the incompatible code?

28 Apr 2005, 18:21
Have you tried it with Firefox or Camino? I was considering installing this hack today until I read this.

28 Apr 2005, 21:11
Works on Firefox on Windows. Not sure about Mac. I would assume so. I think the problem is the iFrames, for which Safari apparently doesn't have support.

28 Apr 2005, 21:41
Safari does support iFrames. That's not the issue. I can't tell you what the issue is, but it's not iFrames.

Layne SMith
29 Apr 2005, 07:13
Works on Firefox for Mac.

Maybe Safari in Tiger will be complatible?