View Full Version : anyway to make it faster?

01 Jun 2005, 18:22
it might be me installing this wrong, but on my forums sometimes the messages take a long time to show up in a chat and sometimes dont show at all until the user types a second message.

is there a way to increase the refresh rate?

22 Jun 2005, 23:31
yea, i have the same problem...

24 Jun 2005, 03:20
I'm going to dig through the vBChat.php and see if I can find a setting for it, yeah lack of realtime chat it seems. Great otherwise.

29 Jun 2005, 04:12
Since this place is a ghost town, I searched and found the fix.

This refreshes the screen more often.

Goto Admin CP, Style Manager, edit templates, chat_main

Look for


Change the 8000 to a lower interval and it will speed up the chatroom refresh rate.