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06 Jun 2005, 01:12
Well one problem I found, clan accessibility is too easy gained. There needs to be a feature for the clan leader to accept people who openly join the clan. One clan member that knows the password could easily tell their friend the password, and soon you'd have a clan full of people the leader does not know. The "Join Clan" feature should be more of an "Apply for the Clan" feature.

Also it'd be nice to have ranks, even if its only 3. For example to relate it to the forum leader, 2nd leader, soldier as to admin, super admin, member. In other words have 2nd leader have some leader powers (so if you did add the above feature and the leader was not online for a while, a 2nd leader could accept the applying members).

06 Jun 2005, 07:52
I will make it an option for Clan Leader to have to verify a member before he is allowed to complete his join request.

There is already Leader and Co-Leader, but when I add the better Clan Permissions managing feature, I will make it possible to add/remove ranks, as ranks will play less of a "what you can do and what you cant do" role than they currently do. The new Clan Permissions will allow the leader to personalise the permissions on a per-user basis (but with the ranks as a template).

09 Jun 2005, 22:51
sounds great... thanks