View Full Version : Shoutbox??

Chris Croft
08 Jun 2005, 05:31
I've been looking for a shoutbox for this thing for a while, lol... Can't seem to find one, was just curious if there was even a mod to add to it that had a shoutbox. I attempted to add the one from vBindex to it, but that didn't work. Otherwise I am really pleased with vBadvanced CMPS... Just suprised it's missing a shoutbox! Anywho, hope I put this in the correct forum.

08 Jun 2005, 08:51
i've got one working but you'll have to do a lot of looking around and tweaking look for shoutbox 1.04b you'll find that works well with the forum, all be it an annoyance with the input field as it inists on taking you to the top of the page everytime you add a shout. To get round that i moved the input field into another iframe so it kinda works. At the vbadvance site you'll find a modification for getting this shoutbox to work as a side menu on your portal page. This one has doesn't refresh every n seconds and it will take you to the top of the page when you add a shout but you might be able to modify that code as its quite simple.

Chris Croft
08 Jun 2005, 13:02
Thanks :) Unfortunately, they're doing a project overhaul on shoutbox 1.04b according to the website.