View Full Version : [Release] MX3D.org Admin CP CSS

17 Jun 2002, 13:52
Author: Mr. X

Instructions: Upload the un-zipped file to your /forums directory and overwrite the current cp.css.



Mr. X
28 Jun 2002, 15:35
Ah cool. I was about to post it here myself but thanks for doing it for me. :)

28 Jun 2002, 23:01
Thanx i've been looking for this Admin Cp colors!:D

07 Jul 2002, 08:54
This is very cool admin CP color set
I will set to my forums

08 Jul 2002, 10:30
very nice. i had them on before worked very well. hats off to ya.

Mr. X
11 Jul 2002, 23:55
Here is a new version of my AdminCP. It matches my forum colors and CSS code for text area boxes (i.e. the flatshade look). I took out the CSS scrollbars because I didnt feel like making them and I dont use them anyway but feel free to add them back in if you wish. Hope you like it!

Screenshots are posted below this post. Thanks for any feedback!

Mr. X
11 Jul 2002, 23:55
Front Page

Mr. X
11 Jul 2002, 23:56
General Options

Mr. X
11 Jul 2002, 23:57
Close up of what it looks like when you edit templates etc.

12 Jul 2002, 00:13
I liked the first color scheme better. But the new one is good.

12 Jul 2002, 00:14
Thanks for keeping us updated Mr.X :)

14 Jul 2002, 06:21
First is better. I love it !