View Full Version : [Release] CyberSportsNet Admin CP CSS

25 Jun 2002, 10:37
Author: ->SOF<-Foxtroter-|CSN|-

Instructions: Upload the un-zipped file to your /forums directory and overwrite the current cp.css.

Screenshot (might be a little distorted due to my resolution 1600x1200):


25 Jun 2002, 10:40
here ya are

/edit also a note you might want to change the colors on the very bottom of the css file

05 Jul 2002, 12:06
A little too red for me, but nice nonetheless :) (I guess I am just too acustom to lighter colors ;)).

04 Sep 2002, 21:20
That's rough on the eyes for an old dog like me ... but thanks for the offer. I might fit another persons use! :)

Tony G
05 Sep 2002, 10:13
I agree with SD, too much red. But it would suit red forums. :)