View Full Version : The Blez Community (Still WIP)

05 Jul 2002, 05:19
Okay, I am still tweaking and doing as much as I can to get my forums looking really unique and custom. So they are still be worked on by me, all by myself.

Tell me how they look SO FAR.

The Blez Community (http://woono.bluecalx.org/boards)


05 Jul 2002, 05:49
Not bad, I would consider adding some more graphics to spice things up, I would also add the following template mod so you can clean up those cell's, right now they are disformed ;):


Overall, nice so far :)

05 Jul 2002, 05:56
I like it to, I see you added my announcement bit template edit... I made it for a sole purpose of a base to start off of... I would suggest adding a bg image to the top of it

05 Jul 2002, 15:43
Oh yes, SaintDog, I just fixed that like 2 minutes ago. Also, Xelation, I will most likely change it to the color of my catagory cells.

05 Jul 2002, 21:00
Well, I changed it to as you said by putting a bg image to it and I did. It looks great.

I need people to sign up on them also! lol