View Full Version : [Pre-Release] DreamDownloads Admin CP CSS

22 Jul 2002, 14:42
here is a sample and a atachement from the first vbb admin cp it is still in progress but u can use this panel its a nice panel light blue and the rest of the cpanel are we working on we hope you'll enjoy this first work....

22 Jul 2002, 14:43
and offcourse the cp.css

28 Jun 2003, 04:05
N | ( E ...

eh i cant resist typing in weird letters

30 Jul 2003, 14:54
Not that I'm accusing you of anything, but why doesn't your CP have this? The newest version of vBulletin is 2.3.0

30 Jul 2003, 15:28
was it there in 2.2.4??

maybe he removed it, because he doesnt want to update :\