View Full Version : Page navigation gone?

25 Jul 2002, 04:26
Well I'm not exactly sure what I did to my forums in the process of trying to dress them up all nice and pretty in the most original way possible (don't look at the postbit, similar to SaintDog's vBT postbit, but I did it on my own none the less).


The little blocks just aren't there, I don't know why either. Help me out please. :rolleyes:

25 Jul 2002, 08:26
dear k33ny,

i have the same problem... suddenly in the course of tweaking and hacking my forums, the little blocks just vanished where only the current page block remains.

i looked at your page but i think everything is okay. i can see the page nav blocks. in my forums, i still have the problem.

can anyone give a clue on how to fix this?


25 Jul 2002, 11:02
Well what I meant is the actual page blocks on the forum itself, not the postbit/viewthread area.

25 Jul 2002, 14:14
I deleted the $pagenav :)