View Full Version : [release] Cyber Creations Admin Panel

The Creator
26 Jul 2002, 15:41
ok the other was totaly nothing but this time i have fully controlled a new panel i hope u like it better then the other ;)
The Creator

Admin Control Panel (http://www.flying-hosts.com/~dreamdl/new_cpanel/admin_control_panel.gif)

Moderator Control Panel (http://www.flying-hosts.com/~dreamdl/new_cpanel/mod_control_panel.gif)

Cassandra Cain
26 Jul 2002, 15:50
I like that one much better! :) (no offense)

26 Jul 2002, 23:07
Much better. Good Job. :p

The Creator
26 Jul 2002, 23:19
tnx :D

27 Jul 2002, 15:47
I don't think I am going to install this considering you stole a lot of vBT's images which belong to SaintDog/vBT and he didn't give you permission to use them.

16 Aug 2002, 20:06
The screens doesn't work...