View Full Version : [Release]Titanium Blue Admin CP

02 Aug 2002, 17:57
Author: Spaz

Instructions: Upload the un-zipped cp.css to your /forums directory and overwrite the current cp.css. than put the cp_logo.gif into your /admin/ directory and overwrite.

Click Here (http://spaz.dvdripz.org/pics/screen.jpg)

Click Here (http://spaz.dvdripz.org/pics/cp.zip)

03 Aug 2002, 01:48
nice.......but I'll use my current one! thx

03 Aug 2002, 06:08
I have used it thanks look nice

03 Aug 2002, 06:39
Please attach the files, do not "hotlink" to them (regardless of whether or not it is your website). The file may not always be accessable from your website, whereas if you attach them, they will be.

Please attach both the screenshot and the attachment.

03 Aug 2002, 14:25
Can you attach more then one file?

Good work.

03 Aug 2002, 20:04
Not in a single post. You'd have to make two posts, one for each attachement.

Nice CSS btw. :)

03 Aug 2002, 20:52
    Nice CSS but I believe your instructions are a bit risky. I'd download the default CSS and put it into a safe place then over write it so just incase you need it again you've got it.

06 Aug 2002, 01:42
:) nice :)

05 Sep 2002, 21:42
The Screenshot does not work... :(

05 Sep 2002, 23:37
I'm sorry I must have deleted it by accident i'll see if I can find it again and i'll attach it.

05 Sep 2002, 23:39
Okie I don't have it anymore i'm sorry if some one downloaded it can you post it. I can post the .css file but no screen shot heres the .css the vB logo comes with it.

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Sep 2002, 04:14
hey attach the screenshot too ya know

Tony G
06 Sep 2002, 07:38
Screenshot link isn't working, you'll need to attach that too.

10 Sep 2002, 19:07
yeah i'd like to see a screenshot too, anyone that has already installed it plz cap a shot for us... :D

16 Sep 2002, 14:47
Well here's a screen just uploaded it up on my test forum. Not bad.

13 Feb 2003, 01:36
i like this one *clicks install*

13 Feb 2003, 02:15
spaz lives up to his name :)