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12 Aug 2002, 19:45
    You better believe it. The highly creative site and hacks are now for sale on, you guessed it, eBay.com (http://www.ebay.com/). I couldn't believe it at first myself. The winner of the auction recieves the .com with everything included; database, hacks, etc. All for a base price of 50 Pounds Sterling ($76.20). You can find the auction here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2045398404). Good luck to the winner.

~ Anthony ~

    I also forgot to mention that the auction does include the vBulletin License. No word on weather or not it is an owned or leased license. Sorry. You'll have to contact the seller about that.

12 Aug 2002, 22:17
It would be best to leave it to alex to post, although vBT is not the place to be selling merchandise, depending on what others say, we may fire up such a forum so as to keep this out of others :).

12 Aug 2002, 23:31
    I'm not really trying to advertise Jonathon. Lol. I was just amazed to find this on eBay.com. Do you have any clue why he's selling the site?

13 Aug 2002, 20:42
You make it seem I am selling the site for $50. lol
Have you noticed the buy it now option? I like the site but need the money and just thougt about selling, but if i dont get the right price I wont sell.
I can change my mind very quickly, tomorrow I might decide to not sell at all. :)

13 Aug 2002, 21:14
    I didn't know if it was for real or not. Lol. I know that the site is worth alot. It's greatly designed and attractive.

14 Aug 2002, 01:24
Wow Alex your website is out of this world!!! What beautiful graphics and layout! Amazing!!

18 Aug 2002, 00:43
THATS SICK SOO SMOOTHE SOO SEXXI! lol...if i had the $$ i'd buy it in a heartbeat...

18 Aug 2002, 00:47
how can a site soo beautiful have soo little members...anyways i registered as D7L...ill be posting :D