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15 Aug 2002, 11:48
Ok, i didnt really wanna put this in support, so i thought i'd put it here. I want to put an image on the left side of the board....im guessing i need to put a table there, but how to include it into my board without messing it totally up...

The image inclosed is the one i want to use that sits on the left and looks pretty....


Can anyone tell me the HTML of how to put it to the side..and which template to put it in, for it to appear next to my board?

Cheers again guys :)


15 Aug 2002, 20:03
I suppose you could put it as the page's BG but fixed and not repeating...

15 Aug 2002, 20:30
whats the code to do that? :)

15 Aug 2002, 23:26
<body background="image.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" style="background-repeat: no-repeat;">

That should work.

16 Aug 2002, 01:38
After the "no-repeat" you might have to add "top left", too.