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15 Aug 2002, 22:37
I heard at vB.com that vBT was implementing a way to verify that a user is a license holder...was that done during the downtime?

15 Aug 2002, 23:21
Doubtful as everyone is still able to post and view the other boards. We'll know it has been implemented when we have to go to vbulletin.com and enter our forum user names into the database for vBt, or however they do it with vB.org

16 Aug 2002, 03:47
I have heard many times this was stated at vB.com, no where did I or anyone else state this would happen, maybe someone got confused (it happens :)).

Where exactly is this post?

Tony G
16 Aug 2002, 06:32
I didn't see anything like that. Rumours can be spread so easily can't they?

18 Aug 2002, 00:56
why would u wanna do that because i know there are people that just make template modifications/hacks w/o having a liscense...my friend is an admin at a major hiphop vb and he has no liscense but knows lots of programming knowledge and he makes nice stuff for vb's :D he has no liscense either...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:05
Well does he own it? Because your basically saying he's a warez user and you won't have access to these Template mods if the license check is enforced.

Bad Bunny
18 Aug 2002, 08:34
Either it's a co-admined site (the administrator i not ALWAYS the one with the license too.) or it's an illegal copy.

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 09:01
Yes thats the only way it's not a warez user. I'm guessing he is since he "makes" stuff for vB. o_O

I don't get it..

20 Aug 2002, 19:10
I hope they do that, then yeah, unlicensed users can't use these forums. :)

Tony G
21 Aug 2002, 06:30
Well can they still view them, but just not download any mods.

21 Aug 2002, 14:10
Which pretty much makes these forums useless...for them, anyways.

Tony G
22 Aug 2002, 06:39
They can get support still..

23 Aug 2002, 07:45
How's turtletips going arien :p

I should join soon i think