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17 Aug 2002, 10:48
would i be right in thinking once u nominated ur board...
u need a comfirmation nomination from someone else...

Kumaro aka SiFaraz Khan Nominated our board 411hype.com

but still are without a seconded vote...


if u think we worthy...maybe u can help....
i think we can win it this month..:)

btw.....GO vBt...Go...Looks Like U Got August..:)

Tony G
17 Aug 2002, 11:17
No I don't think you need a second. If you put your forum in it just depends how many votes you get and the 5 highest voted get through.

17 Aug 2002, 11:20
8. A nomination must be seconded by a non-biased person before it will be accepted as a nomination. That means the second must come from somebody who is not affiliated with the board being nominated.

Tony G
17 Aug 2002, 11:24
Ahh yes. So it needs one second for it to be a accepted nomination.

17 Aug 2002, 11:34
seems so tony..:(

Tony G
17 Aug 2002, 11:36
Well it's worth a shot. No need to be sad.

17 Aug 2002, 11:41
nice board btw...

*eagerly awaits some to 2nd 411*

Tony G
17 Aug 2002, 12:25
I see what your doing here. :p


17 Aug 2002, 16:39
wot u mean? :D

17 Aug 2002, 17:12
Tony...you got an excellent forums design yourself...
I wonder If I can nominate your site along with mine...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:29
Well I'm not the only one who coded it. I've had vertex do some (If you know of him) and Derek (The other admin) has mostly been adding hacks.

It's a team. :)

18 Aug 2002, 09:19

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 09:32
Are you the only designer for 411hype Vex?

18 Aug 2002, 09:53
Kumaro does all the designing & hacking...
i deal with the general running of the site...
and the other admin has the $$...lol

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 10:23
Then what are you doing here if you don't install any hacks? :p


18 Aug 2002, 10:35
coz i want to feel special too....:(

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 10:45
Well then try installing a Template mod. Believe me it's fun messing with the Templates. :)

18 Aug 2002, 13:06
lol....i highly doubt kumaro will let me mess wit any other that stuff....

i think i might have a try thou..:)

btw....they thread is on fire.....ahaha

Tony G
19 Aug 2002, 06:31
Well I'm here to start some discussion up. Thats what the lounge is for isn't it?

Just ask him, maybe he will appreciate your help with the templates. :)