View Full Version : Hello. The Bad Bunny is here.

Bad Bunny
17 Aug 2002, 18:39
Nice place. I like it here. Looks like the majority of the members like to help people, and are not just into "elite" modifications. Heck, eeryone at some point knew nothing of html and css...so it can't hurt to help othe people, right?

Anyway, thanks...been looking around for a while, and am just now gonna try and chip in some things.
Adios Amigos

Master Jawa
18 Aug 2002, 00:34
hey Bad Bunny.. sweet avatar man :)

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:06
Welcome Bad Bunny. :)

Bad Bunny
18 Aug 2002, 04:24
I would have chosen my own avatar had I the opportunity. It would be an orange bunny. A very bad bunny. But thank you both for the welcomes.

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 05:06
Bunnies aren't supposed to be bad though. :p

Bad Bunny
18 Aug 2002, 08:15
Well, regardless of what they are or aren't...Bad bunny is a large, bright orange bunny bent on world domination.

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 09:00
I don't see any bunny controlling me. :p