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18 Aug 2002, 00:27
yes yes yes...i make graphics for cheap and these arent garbage graphics that you would see on a e-zboard...check my following attachments for samples...
all the following images are basically the same design but i can do soo much more...

aim=II SpellBind II

18 Aug 2002, 00:28

18 Aug 2002, 00:31
1 more...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:07
I can say you shouldn't be asking for money for graphics. Alot of people do it for free.

18 Aug 2002, 01:08
free is cheap is it not?...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:09
Cheap does not mean free. Free means free. Cheap means you pay a little amount of money.

Thats the difference.

18 Aug 2002, 01:11
lol well i am currently trying to make $$ but if i like the customer meaning[ they r very well mannered and polite] i end up giving em free...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:13
Well good luck. I know heaps of people what will give me good graphics for free. :)

18 Aug 2002, 01:14
propbaly because your a kind person...hey also...i wanna tlak to you if thats ok maybe be friends...:D ...aim=II SpellBind II pzz :D...

Tony G
18 Aug 2002, 01:22
Not in a mood for chatter right now.

18 Aug 2002, 01:26
lol ok...well i registered at ur site look for my lyrics...

Dean N Steve
19 Aug 2002, 18:56
i know people who would do them for free - and better d00d :D

19 Aug 2002, 20:27
k well u get them to do it then negativity isnt needed here...

Tony G
20 Aug 2002, 06:19
Well you have to take critisism. All the time.

20 Aug 2002, 06:46
I overlooked this post before, this is not an advertising forum and such posts should not be here. There are plenty of other forums in which will allow you to post you offers, please use them instead.

As for critisism, as above, you will need to take it if you are going to post, otherwise I would not post because most people are going to tell you what they think of your work whether you ask or not (not too much is really stopping them).

I am closing this thread.