View Full Version : this theme?

19 Aug 2002, 22:47
does anyone know where to get this theme and what its called...


... this guy claims he made it and i want to confront him.

19 Aug 2002, 22:53
That style was made available to download by the owner of tech-forums.net, so he has every right to use it.

19 Aug 2002, 22:56
i know but im asking where i can get it.

i know he has the right to use it.

19 Aug 2002, 22:58
Yes this person can use that style but.... he was suppose to include who designed it and the original owner.....

P.S u posted in the wrong forum

19 Aug 2002, 22:59
Do a search at vbulletin.org for tech-style

19 Aug 2002, 22:59
sorry about that can a mod move it plz?

yeah thats what im saying and hes acting like he made it so i just wanna know where i can d/l it so i can show him that i know hes using a free d/l theme.

19 Aug 2002, 23:04
yeah i did a search came up with nothing and i also did a search at tech-forums.net that also came up with nothing.

19 Aug 2002, 23:11
here it is http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45316

Tony G
20 Aug 2002, 06:20
Oh yes that style. I used to use it on the old old KSF. Creating your own design is alot better though. :)

20 Aug 2002, 06:47
Or you could always pay someone to do it for you :) - nothing wrong in doing that, I had to do it recently as I have no time to do anything (I hate being so busy).

Tony G
20 Aug 2002, 06:49
Maybe you should let people here release forumhome templates. You have postbit so why not forumhome ones?

Just a thought..

20 Aug 2002, 11:29
Becuase thats what the template modification forum is for...hehe

Tony G
20 Aug 2002, 11:48
Thats for "tweaks", it's not like the PostBit forum having the whole code from their postbit go into a mod.

So hehe yourself. :p