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20 Aug 2002, 04:09
K, heres the CSS I made for a friend on his forums. It probably won't match most forum color schemes but then again, green isnt very common so I hope it helps some people out. I'd be happy to accept some opinions, negetive or positive so I know what to change or what to keep during any new installations or updating this one so It looks a bit better than it did when I added it here :)

20 Aug 2002, 04:15
ss here

20 Aug 2002, 06:52
My Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bright man...

20 Aug 2002, 15:02
i dont get the xbox feel to this

20 Aug 2002, 19:32
Holy **** thats bright *** shit.....

20 Aug 2002, 20:11
And I don't see how the color scheme resembles the Xbox...

21 Aug 2002, 01:18
how about more black and less green.

21 Aug 2002, 01:23
i see what ur all sayin about it being to brite, i should have probably named it really really brite green CSS hehe. Im workin on a black with neon blue and brite green tables, so it will be less of an eye cramp and more of a neon disco sorta thnig hehe. Thank you all for your input.

Bad Bunny
21 Aug 2002, 08:22
Hey, someone who took negative comments positively. Good attitude, buG. Seriously. I would like to see your next one, as you seem serious to improve, and not to get bent out of shape at comments. :)

Tony G
21 Aug 2002, 09:40
Nice work there, But the green text and border is quite bright.

24 Aug 2002, 03:27
lookz more like a "Matrix.css" , Good work anywayz !

Tony G
24 Aug 2002, 03:38
Matrix is a little darker with the greens I think.

24 Aug 2002, 05:07
i really like this, im gonna use it.

14 Oct 2002, 15:59
D_amn that`s wicked. Unfortunately it doesn`t match my color scheme so I won`t use it at the moment, but I like it a lot.

19 Oct 2002, 10:27
hehe set the page BG image to a matrix thing :D it looks pretty radioactive, maybe radioactive.css? Endless possibilities...