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20 Aug 2002, 22:13
I must be dumber'n a box of rocks. :)

I just downloaded the latest vBPortal and tried to install it... but got nowhere in a big phat hurry. I followed their instructions... with the exception that I dumped all their public_html files into a sub-dir on my website called, appropriately enuff, vbportal. I tweaked the config file to include all the correct paths. I then went to run the install file and got... a blank white screen. :( My vB is in yet another sub-dir of the website. Could this be a conflict?


running vB 2.2.6 on Linux Red Hat.

any ideas off the cuff?

21 Aug 2002, 02:59
ok... maybe someone could answer this question...

does the vB have to be in a sub-dir (forums dir) of vbportal???

can the vbportal be in a web sub-dir and the vB be in a separate sub-dir?

I am having a second go at this tonight... so...... fun..... ack

Tony G
21 Aug 2002, 06:29
How about the permissions? Check those too if any are needed..

21 Aug 2002, 06:47
I believe this should be posted at the vBPortal support forums, as they will be of much more help than we would be.

Tony G
21 Aug 2002, 07:01
Yes, this forum is strictly for template modifications only. For file edits it's vB.org.