View Full Version : vBulletin templates

21 Aug 2002, 12:37
Can someone tell me where can I find some good templates?? Please :D

Tony G
21 Aug 2002, 12:47
We have full PostBit templates and tweaks etc. in the Template mod there. Alot can be found here. :)

21 Aug 2002, 12:49
Not that! I want full new style!!

21 Aug 2002, 14:09
Your talking like a "skin", aren't you? I'm not sure where you can get those, but the Anime sites will illegal BB's seem to find them somewhere, Lol. :p

21 Aug 2002, 16:11
Yes!! Thats what I'm talking about! I was searching on www.vbulletin.org but didn't find nothing good

21 Aug 2002, 23:42
www.yaxay.com has a few released vbulletin styles. But it's best to be original and create your own style :) if you have the time that is...

Tony G
22 Aug 2002, 06:38
Hmm there should be some skins at vB.org. Are you sure you searched right?

22 Aug 2002, 21:02
Most of the sites that had vBulletin graphics and styles are down at the moment (BBAddons (http://www.bbaddons.com), vBulletinGraphics (http://www.vbulletingraphics.com).)

I think SaintDog was involved with both of them and he's working on tying them into vBT. We just have to patient. :(