View Full Version : New User Group... please read! easy q for most people!

21 Aug 2002, 20:18
How come whenever i make a new user group and put someone in it, it lists them as a moderator when i click on the forum leaders button?!?!? super moderator is not on and they have the same things as registered members selected, im so confused! :( any help would be great! thanks!

22 Aug 2002, 04:33
Ok to make your super Moderators visible on forum leader go into the user group area and then select to edit the super Moderators group. In the first block of into there will be something that says "Viewable on Show Groups?" Click yes.

Now bassically for the other problems I think you have the user groups permission messed up. still in super Moderators edit thing scroll all the way to the bottom and set it up like this

Is Super Moderator: Yes

Is Lesser Admin: Yes

Can access control panel: No

Tony G
22 Aug 2002, 06:37
He's saying that people in other user groups are being listed as mod.

The reason is if his name is listed in a mod in any forum he will be listed in the mod group, but as well as the other group you put him in. It's just for the forum leaders page.