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24 Aug 2002, 12:58
does anyone know a site with pixelart tuts?
like http://www.habbohotel.com?
anyway tnx

Tony G
24 Aug 2002, 13:45
Whats a tut?

Is it shortened for anything?

24 Aug 2002, 13:52
@Tony: Tut = Tutorial

To answer his question: There probably are not too many that will teach you how to make dots ;). Most pixel art is something that takes a great deal of time, it is not really something that could be tought (at least not to my knowledge).

After seeing that site I am wondering how long it took him to make those , certainly they were not main in a few hours :).

24 Aug 2002, 15:47
no, but that doesnt matter to me;)
i just wanna know how they did it.. but i am just going to teach it myself:eek:

Tony G
25 Aug 2002, 01:14
Ahh, thanks SD.

No I don't think I have seen any tutorials for this. Maybe there is one with the program?

25 Aug 2002, 02:26
No, since most are done pixel-by-pixel, it would be hard to provide a tutorial for such a thing.

Tony G
25 Aug 2002, 03:40
Everyone seems to want a tutorial for everything. :/


25 Aug 2002, 10:51
its hard to learn and it take alot of time:mad:

Tony G
25 Aug 2002, 11:09
Well I guess whoever created HabboHotel went through the same thing.

25 Aug 2002, 15:00
hehe thats sure.. or maybe its the style they draw shockwave in..
i dunno:)

15 Sep 2002, 00:18
Pixel art is long and tedious work.

Some of my work::

Oh f*ck that. Just goto and look for deviations that begin with the word 'pixel'.

::Link:: (http://anuj471.deviantart.com/deviations?PHPSESSID=de184284cf6083dd47f03d7264fca9e2)

15 Sep 2002, 01:25
thats good work anuj... but you wont show us how to do it will you? :) i know its very difficult, but you could start off by saying what app you use to make em ;)

15 Sep 2002, 17:05
but cool pixelart anuj!!:D