View Full Version : mail() function

25 Aug 2002, 12:52
Can somebody tell me in which file is the mail() function for sending mail from forum bacause I need to change a charset??

Tony G
25 Aug 2002, 12:59
Emailing to all members?

That would be email.php in the admin directory. Try that.

25 Aug 2002, 13:12
Not for that! I need it for sending the mail vhe registrating or when somebody replys and other

Tony G
26 Aug 2002, 08:52
Well I'd say they'd all be in seperate files.

register.php for register emails.
newreply/thread.php for reply/thread emails.

26 Aug 2002, 10:25
Ask at vBulletin.org. we dont suport hacking of .php files here :)