View Full Version : Blue-White Style question

28 Aug 2002, 18:37
Does anybody know the font that is used in the buttons?

thank you

28 Aug 2002, 20:05
Please keep all posts of the same general interest in the same thread, there is no need to post about the same question which oculd be posted under one post.....

Tony G
29 Aug 2002, 00:27
It's the same font as the default buttons, only the colors have changed.

29 Aug 2002, 16:00
So the font used in the two attached buttons are the same?

which is that font?


Tony G
30 Aug 2002, 05:33
Ask at vB.com. The creator of the default buttons to get your answer.

30 Aug 2002, 11:13
The default button uses Verdana 9pt bold, but the buttons of the blue/white style don't use it, I'm pretty sure!

Did you have a look at the image I attached?

Tony G
30 Aug 2002, 13:17
Yes, and I wouldn't know since I don't know the defaults font. Sorry.