View Full Version : Hex Code(color chart)

29 Aug 2002, 14:50
who no's the best hexcode page.showing all the colors all the fades, and all big not small..?

Tony G
30 Aug 2002, 05:31
No hexcode page will show ALL colors. Most of them show the most used. Do a google search for "Color Chart" and you'll find what you need.

30 Aug 2002, 12:17
You may find the Color Scheme Machine (http://www.activescore.com/vb/) useful.

Tony G
30 Aug 2002, 13:16
Indeed thats useful. :)

30 Aug 2002, 22:15
Contact me if you want a Hex Colour Coder:) Its really neat, I cant remember what code its made it though:) But who cares, its pretty cool:)

Tony G
31 Aug 2002, 00:42
You have been contacted. :)

02 Sep 2002, 21:18
Yes, I have:p

Here is a hex chart, very simple:

Tony G
03 Sep 2002, 05:52
Thanks for that. :)