View Full Version : What do you guys think?

31 Aug 2002, 03:04
Ok, This is a screen shot from my forums. Now, I know some of you dont like the colours, but ignore them, I just wanna get your opinion on my showthread/posbit:)


Tony G
31 Aug 2002, 03:30
Wrong forum.

But I like the postbit, except for the author column I don't like all those lines.

31 Aug 2002, 03:33
I cant put it anywhere else. Unless you mean Modified Boards. But Ive already posted there:p

Tony G
31 Aug 2002, 03:36
Just add to that thread then.

But nevermind now.

31 Aug 2002, 14:44
Meh, I didnt think of that, maybe this should be merged with my other thread:)

Tony G
31 Aug 2002, 14:46
Well not a bad idea, I guess one of the mods can do it for you.

It doesn't really matter though. ;)

31 Aug 2002, 16:25
Ok while ignoring the colors ;) lol It looks really good actually. I like the style!

31 Aug 2002, 18:18
Thanks pennylessz28:) One of my best pieces of work:D

Dark Vincent
01 Sep 2002, 03:46
Looks okay, I find the whole caps thing with the titles of the stuff to the author column annoying though. Also I don't like where you have the items, but if I was you I wouldn't even have that hack install, too many queries. I guess it's okay if you ignore the colors.

Tony G
01 Sep 2002, 06:46
I agree with Dark Vincent. The Author column is a little squashed up.

04 Sep 2002, 21:33
I guess, I dont really notice it:) Thanks for your comments though. Any others?

Tony G
05 Sep 2002, 05:49
The buttons can be a little smaller, so they don't have to take up most of the line.

05 Sep 2002, 08:09
Ok, Ill get to work on that. Thanks:) Anymore?

Tony G
05 Sep 2002, 09:02
Don't have everything centered in the author column.