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31 Aug 2002, 21:35
when you click install where does that tread go??
i needed one of the hacks and when i clicked install and came back later it had gone??

Tony G
01 Sep 2002, 01:11
So you clicked install and the hack went?

Maybe it was deleted?

01 Sep 2002, 02:04
Maybe the thread go pushed back a page or two since your last visit.

Tony G
01 Sep 2002, 02:18
Maybe the thread disappears when he clicks install. o_O

01 Sep 2002, 02:38
Originally posted by Tony
Maybe the thread disappears when he clicks install. o_O Heh maybe ..... maybeee ...

THat would suck for him if it did but I doubt it.

Tony G
01 Sep 2002, 03:32
I only understand it when it's explained well. You see, I can't figure out. :p

01 Sep 2002, 12:00
The install hack is here to let the template modifiers know how many people have installed their template modification on their board and what memebers have installed it. The hack does not delete the thread nor automatically install it on your board (you would not believe the PM's I got about that already), it is simply for those that make template modification submissions.