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03 Sep 2002, 01:17
how do you put a background behind everything not jsut on the side like you guys have it?????

03 Sep 2002, 02:02
Well Im sure it's not one big pic but in fact seperate pics in different areas. Like the one in post are in the postbit template the one in the quick reply is in showthread_Reply box template. Not sure where the one behind the post are but those too are seperate images theb you have the big ones on the side you can add in the style menu. That doesn't really answer your question but it's not one big image like you think. Also this is the wrong forum to be asking in.

Tony G
03 Sep 2002, 05:51
It only applies to the back because all the other stuff is inside a table so you'd need to di it though the templates.

03 Sep 2002, 19:46
ok what template do i have to edit????

Tony G
04 Sep 2002, 05:47
The template you want the background on.

05 Sep 2002, 00:15
well the main page and what do i look for????

Tony G
05 Sep 2002, 05:45
forumhome template then.

05 Sep 2002, 15:16
In your style modification page, you will see a section where you can change the information contained in the <body> tag. Inside that, add background="path/to/image.gif".