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03 Sep 2002, 04:10
A new admin css based on my upcoming forums at anythingbutleet.com

Screenshot Here (http://www.anythingbutleet.com/images/previewpanel.gif)

Download Here (http://www.anythingbutleet.com/images/abl-admincss.zip)

03 Sep 2002, 05:48
Nice stuff there man! :)
SaintDog may want ya to have the screen and download as an attachment :P

03 Sep 2002, 05:50
sorry new here :/

Tony G
03 Sep 2002, 13:52
Just attach both of them instead of uploading them elsewhere. it's easier. :)

But nice, but don't like having no borders.

07 Sep 2002, 13:11
Yuck! Awful colours! Sorry, >.<

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 14:03
Aww, it's not that bad.

Only color that bothers me is that red.

08 Sep 2002, 22:50
:o Same here. I hate red on Websites. Small bits are ok, but backgrounds are awful >.<

09 Sep 2002, 01:00
Looks good. The red is a little odd but other than that good job.

Tony G
09 Sep 2002, 13:12
Dark Red is bad with black. It's just that they clash. And clashing is bad.