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03 Sep 2002, 19:10
Well, after some fiddling about and some 3D shading, I have made my first smilie. The image is below and my smilie template is in the next post. Also, I will release the full set here. A vBT exclusive, ;).

03 Sep 2002, 19:12
Here is my smilie template I made, so now you can make your own, :D.

03 Sep 2002, 20:01
Looks familiar (Thinks of darkproject.com and vbulletin.org)

03 Sep 2002, 20:03
Well, I got my colors from darkproject.com. I made that face with my hand and mouse. I have also done the full set which is available in my sig, ;p.

03 Sep 2002, 20:08
Meh, if I wasnt so suspicious, I'd say its good:)

*walks off*

03 Sep 2002, 20:20
Thanks. As I said, I will be showing my smilies off at other vB sites, but the actual link will be only available here, :D. Enjoy!

Tony G
04 Sep 2002, 05:48
Looks nice. :)

But evil though, like I'm gonna bitw you. :p

04 Sep 2002, 07:54
You got anymore Kikyourt?:)

Tony G
04 Sep 2002, 08:50
I'd like to see some more too. :)

04 Sep 2002, 09:58
hehe...thanks for the template...im gonna try n make some...


Tony G
04 Sep 2002, 11:48
Cool, would be good to see a set of these. :)

04 Sep 2002, 15:39
:confused: Theres a link in my sig. It contains 14 smilies altogether. Thanks for the comments, :D.

04 Sep 2002, 16:10
Ah, cool, ill check that later:) Thanks!!!

04 Sep 2002, 17:25
Your welcome. I will be releasing my buttons set too. Heh, you all may be wondering why... coz I like to be known as a cool pixel artist. And maybe get assigned to do ppl's buttons for thier vB's.

04 Sep 2002, 21:36
Downloaded:) They are pretty good:) I wont use them, but Ill definetly reccommend them for other people, good job:)

Tony G
05 Sep 2002, 05:47
Downloded too, very nice. :)

05 Sep 2002, 15:09
Thanks. Well, hope they put a link to my site, :p.

Tony G
06 Sep 2002, 06:17
I'm looking for a new smilie set because I don't really like the ones being used now. Anyone can help me with that?

06 Sep 2002, 07:10
Its all about giving a little back. Ty.

10 Sep 2002, 11:07
Hey Tony, I can do you a set if you want. Like mine but more, different color maybe.

Contact me on AIM: Kikyourt
Email: kikyourt@aol.com


Tony G
10 Sep 2002, 11:33
Nevermind, It's kinda difficult on what I want.

10 Sep 2002, 15:05
Alright, thought I'd offer.

Tony G
11 Sep 2002, 05:56
That was nice of you, don't worry about that.

Bad Bunny
12 Sep 2002, 08:16
Nice smilies. I like that they are small.
I went to check the site via your signature, and recieved a 403.

Tony G
12 Sep 2002, 09:07
Got the same thing too..

12 Sep 2002, 18:57
Yep. That is because I haven't uploaded an index.
You can sign up to the vBulletin by thid link:


Bad Bunny
13 Sep 2002, 05:37
Sorry. 404 error now.

Tony G
13 Sep 2002, 06:44
The link in his sig says it's closed.

14 Sep 2002, 20:17
:D I closed xiWix coz I lost intrest. But now I am back into it.
So now everything is up and you can sign up to the forums. A link is on the index btw.

Also, I am changin the style so dont worry.