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06 Sep 2002, 00:52
Well I finally got most of my new design ready except I can't think of any to make as a header.

I used graphics from here that I found in the database as you can see in the footer on the forum page I thanked vbtemplates and some others.

Any suggestions would be great.

remember it is not total finished yet


06 Sep 2002, 01:17
#1 - I would use one button set and not 3 different ones ;). Having all 3 makes things look quite odd on your pages, just something minor though.

#2 - Ditch the black and go with another color of blue or maybe grey. Black/Blue is not a bad color scheme, but it does not seem to be working, at least not in its current form.

#3 - When making a header, unless you expand it all the way, making it the same color as the background would be best when possible.

THe above is not to put you down, merely to help you out :)

06 Sep 2002, 01:20
lol :)

I know the header is messed up now with different buttons an old logo etc... :)

I was just asking for some suggestions on what I should put there :)

Thanks for taking look

06 Sep 2002, 01:22
Make a border then expand the banner in the header all across to the sides of the border.

That always looks good. I was going to suggest one button set also but SaintDog covered it and you said it was a mistake so no need to bring it up.

06 Sep 2002, 01:27
:) cool the problem I am having is it expands across the page I kinda like the way this site is centered but if I did that then the portal stuff would look kinda compressed.

As far as extending the border how do I do that :) I am a copy paste king and after I get the initial coding i can usally change it pretty good by trial and error :)

06 Sep 2002, 01:46
So your having a problem getting the banner to reach side to side of the border? Just add 10 px to both sizes of the banner. So lets say your forum is set up at 750px like mine your banner would have to be 770px and then it would touch side to side.

06 Sep 2002, 01:48
Cool :)

Just trying to get ideas right now. I haven't even started on th graphics for it yet :)

I am actually holding a contest for my members to make the best one...hehe even know it is only 44 right now :)

06 Sep 2002, 01:52
Originally posted by chad777

Just trying to get ideas right now. I haven't even started on th graphics for it yet :)

I am actually holding a contest for my members to make the best one...hehe even know it is only 44 right now :)

That's what I did ;) I'm pretty good at graphics but I figure what the hell and let a much better person do it. The turn out was/is great.

06 Sep 2002, 05:48
ok I try to add an extending header but i can't get it to extend down to the forum or portal any ideas ?

Tony G
06 Sep 2002, 06:14
I like the big headers with navagation underneath. Those are the best ones I think. :)

06 Sep 2002, 08:01
That black looks awful >.<
Take it out!

Also, Those side tables would look good if they had backgrounds.

But, I agree with Tony, Big headers with navigation underneath. Very cool:)

Tony G
06 Sep 2002, 08:45
Used in alot of places too. :)

And I agree that the black is disgusting.

06 Sep 2002, 15:13
Yeah, it really ruins the whole website.

I suggest White maybe? Something thats not dark.

06 Sep 2002, 15:24
Is that better ? :)

06 Sep 2002, 15:35
Might be me but, I dont see any change >.< (In the black)

The header looks slightly better. But still could be wider

06 Sep 2002, 15:48
What is in black the cell's ?

The header I actually changed

06 Sep 2002, 16:44
Yes! The black cells. They are awful.

Yeah, I saw that, still could be a bit wider

06 Sep 2002, 17:15

Yes now it looks better :)

06 Sep 2002, 17:28
Yes! That looks a lot better than before.

More suggestions:

The tables around the main table where the news is, that could be completed with background images. That would make it look nicer.

Otherwise, great!

06 Sep 2002, 17:29
You mean each news post ? or at the buttom ?

:) btw thanks for all the help :)

I tired adding a border around the tables around the news table but it messed them all up some went down and some went up.

As far as adding bg images i haven't tried . I think i will try that a little later tonight. :)

06 Sep 2002, 17:32
On yer main page. The table in the middle, has background images. Well, the tables around that could have the same images as its backgrounds.

I dont think I am explaining it correctly though

06 Sep 2002, 17:36
like that?

06 Sep 2002, 17:40
Whatcha mean? ^.-

06 Sep 2002, 17:42
You said background images on the main page around the news box.

06 Sep 2002, 18:12
Ah yes, sorry!

Thats brilliant! Great work!!

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:08
I suggest images for your header instead of wording. That would look better.

07 Sep 2002, 01:09
:) yeah I wish I had them to match the rest of the buttons on the site, but i can't find the font that matches them...

Maybe a button bar would look nice flash or whatever :)

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:14
Find a new button set then, but it would look alot better then wording.

07 Sep 2002, 01:15

If you want-when I get home- I could make you some flash buttons???

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:16
I don't like the sound of that because of how big they could be. Try make it a friendly forum for all connections.

07 Sep 2002, 01:20
Yeah, I guess so. But my flash buttons, pretty small, only take a few seconds to load-on 48kbps

07 Sep 2002, 01:20
I total agree :) I don't want to find a different button I like this one, but i can make a flash button bar that might be nice :)

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:23
Originally posted by ffdcsite
Yeah, I guess so. But my flash buttons, pretty small, only take a few seconds to load-on 48kbps

How big in kb will they be? If they are something like 100kb+ plus thats too big especially if there is a few of them to load.

07 Sep 2002, 01:24
ffdcsite ,

That would be cool if you would do that :)

I am not that good at flash :)


Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:25
I know a good flash guy too, he made some flash avatars for me. :)

07 Sep 2002, 01:29
I cant remember, I think its around 20kb

If you want I can, Ill PM when i get back home

Tony G
07 Sep 2002, 01:30
Flash buttons can go that small?

I guess thats okay. All together it would be about 100kb. :)

07 Sep 2002, 01:33
Yep:) I wanted mine small so they wouldnt take long to load (Since its for my forums navigation) Yeah, 100kb sounds right