View Full Version : I was wondering

07 Sep 2002, 16:01
Do any of you do more then one style with images using the same templates. Right now thats what im doing on my site using a replacement far named {imageid} where i just put like -2 or something so they can match the style. Anybody else doing anything like this. Or using the same images that might not match on all style? Im just looking for feedback on ways i could possible setup my templates and images without running a million template sets since do so much hacking and i hate having to go re colorize 50 images everytime i add a new style. :-/

07 Sep 2002, 16:29
well personally I like to try and change all or at least the biggest majority of pics,icons etc but this I think is a matter of personal taste as sometimes the same images may be used and look very well with differing styles

Tony G
08 Sep 2002, 00:54
Mine are all different, because they would at least change color (the images) to fit the next scheme.