View Full Version : The "I have an idea for everyone!" Thread

08 Sep 2002, 19:58
Well i want to make this thread so we can all spread the creative ideas around and build onto them. If you have a creative idea that can be done Post it here! Or add onto somone elses.

Heres mine.

I was working on a site that needed a comment system. Well i was planning on Intregating it into my Vb user table. then i Relized It woulds be alot of work.... You know, Putting smiles in, FLood protect, and all that. So i thought.. Hmmmm Why not just use a cut down template?

Basicly what i did was make a template with NO footer or header.

Then i modifyed Showthread and cut out the new thread butten, and made the forum that the thread was in, hidden from the public. That way you can ONLY see it on that page.

Then i set that hiddens forum Defalt theme to the header/footer less theme.

Then on the page i wanted the comment system on i put a iframe and put that thread in there. It works like a charm.

Here it is!!

Lets hear yours, or add onto mine.

08 Sep 2002, 20:01
Is it supposed to have this?

08 Sep 2002, 20:04
yes ^^
its my "test" page hehe

Tony G
09 Sep 2002, 06:05
An idea for what? A template mod, vB? Define.