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12 Sep 2002, 19:00
Well, due to the debate on my vB looking like vBT's vB and thus me changing my vB look, I have decided to release my buttons I made for my vB here.

Link: http://expinnovations.myanico.com/images.zip

It is best suited for a light blue and white vB/site and you have permission to change them to what ever color you like, :D.

[Just incase...]
The reason why my buttons are on this web address and not xiwix.renhost.net's address is due to me not wanting any excess files so, that is why i signed up to the free host and have uploaded the images there.

12 Sep 2002, 19:42
They look really good, good work :)

12 Sep 2002, 22:51
Ok so if you got in trouble for having the images that looked so closely to VBT do you think it is wise to distripute them out to the public so we can have multiple forums that are poor attempts of ripping this one?

Bad Bunny
13 Sep 2002, 05:41
Um...I looked at them, and while the colors are similar to here, they are hardly bad rips of the images here on this forum, turdboy.

Some images are nicer than others, killyourt. But thanks for sharing. :)
Oh yeah, edit here:
if you were to put a slight border around the text on the top buttons and some of the others, I think it would look much beter.

Tony G
13 Sep 2002, 06:43
BB, even SaintDog accused them of being rips in another thread and since he created the images..

14 Sep 2002, 05:11
They dont look like rips to me.

Tony G
14 Sep 2002, 07:31
I'm not saying they are, nor they aren't. But I'm not sure.

14 Sep 2002, 14:46
Man, I aint accusing you of rippin' those images, but they do look TOTALLY ripped. Espesically the vb_bullet.gif image. Looks like the images here.

But I guess its cool:)

14 Sep 2002, 16:01
can i see a screenshot please?

14 Sep 2002, 16:07
He was not accused of ripping the buttons, but other images. While the images are based (or appear to be) on vBT's colors, they are not ripped versions of ours.

14 Sep 2002, 17:01
Oh I see I though it was the buttons I didnt look at the other images...

14 Sep 2002, 20:26
Originally posted by Tony
BB, even SaintDog accused them of being rips in another thread and since he created the images..

Um, I think you are worng there. SD accused me of ripping the images which go in the catagories etc. not my buttons. And, as soon as I got the color scheme i wanted, I made the buttons. Another thing, I admint to taking the images from here. And I am sorry for that, but really, ppl shouldn't diss my work coz of that.

Anywho, glad you like em.

*small minor note: i have seen other vbs with this color scheme, but I took my color scheme from here, :( sorry...*

:D Wont happen again SD!

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 01:32
Oh sorry, misunderstanding. :)

So then, nice buttons. :D

Dark Vincent
15 Sep 2002, 04:17
So now someone gets accused of ripping for having the same colors >_>

Nice set BTW, I wouldn't mind having a different color of them.

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 04:33
Well he ever admitted it, so don't look suprised. :p

15 Sep 2002, 05:01
@Dark Vincent: It would probably be best to read the entire thread, in doing so you would see what I said, no where did I mention colors......

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 08:47
I mean I've seen lots of schemes that look similar. But you just can't accuse "color-copying" on someone. Images are different for that one reason that you know you made them and when somebody has copied them.

16 Sep 2002, 06:47
ooh man.. seriously, why do people always consider that their work has been ripped.. ur not the only people who did it.

its part of the system. the system cant be altered, otherwise we wont be humans.

and btw, the link is dead.

16 Sep 2002, 15:07
Hmm, it should be. I will sort it out, I am quite busy with my vB though.