View Full Version : [REQUEST] Black/Grey

imported_fused hybrid
15 Sep 2002, 18:37
Can someone make one to fit this template scheme?

Dark Vincent
15 Sep 2002, 18:42
First off, wrong forum.
Second, most template mods use the {blahcolor} so it automatically goes to your colors.

imported_fused hybrid
15 Sep 2002, 18:47
where else would it go, it cant go in template mods, because this is only css not php

Bad Bunny
15 Sep 2002, 21:51
My guess would be that you would reuest it in the lounge. The big reason that this is the wrong forum is because it is for releases...and is thus placed on the home of the site as one of the latest releases.
But since you didn't release anything, it is clearly in the wrong forum.