View Full Version : Catg pics?

15 Sep 2002, 22:46
how do u put a pic like this: http://www.andrewnelson.org/nairb/vbulletin/images/category_background2.gif as ur catg bg? like... for the Category Strip Background Color

16 Sep 2002, 00:27
find it in your templates, forumhome or one of the levels... find the table for the category background and add background="imagebg.gif" into the <TD> tag

Tony G
16 Sep 2002, 05:40
Better way is to upload it into your image directory, and then call it from background="/images/blabla.jpg" like vostok had saod.

Bad Bunny
16 Sep 2002, 08:59
I prefer to do it the first way. The reason being is that that color can then be applied elsewhere without the bg image appearing with it.

Tony G
16 Sep 2002, 09:00

I don't see the difference, it's just called from different places.

16 Sep 2002, 19:14
both of those didnt work...

Tony G
17 Sep 2002, 05:51
It doesn't really matter what the pic is, he just wants the code to make it a cat bg.

17 Sep 2002, 22:43
ok, i got the catg header pic to work, now how do i do it for the other part... the part that says, Forum, Threads, Posts, Moderator etc...

18 Sep 2002, 00:12
once again, that is in the forumhome template.... find it in there, just find the words forum, threads posts and moderators all in the same line, then add the same code to each individual <TD> tag

18 Sep 2002, 00:17
Thx it works :)

ummmm i'm also wondering how they added the corner pics? on the catg spots?

they have corner_left.gif and corner_right.gif ....
any idea on how to do that?